Mini Dance Tots


Mini Dance Tots is our specially designed and bespoke daytime Pre-School Dance Programme for 2-3year olds. The class is unisex designed to be appealing to both girls and boys and introduces first steps in to the world of dance and encourages independence with parents remaining outside of the room for the duration (unless children are upset whilst settling in).

The 30 minute class is underscored by music that takes your little tot on an explorative journey of rhythm, performance, expression, balance, co-ordination and basic technique in Ballet and Modern Dance. Using props and bespoke puppets in a fun way whilst engaging their imaginations, little ones develop their skills, increasing their self-awareness, confidence and social interaction.

Once they are in School Nursery they are then ready to move through to our Dance Tots Class for 3-5yrs that is an after school time slot.

Mini Dance Tots perform small show backs to parents during the year, where we invite parents in to class time to watch.

The Programme is written by our Artistic and Creative Director and there is no other course like it currently being taught.

(Mini Dance Tots currently runs on Tuesday and Wednesday during term time)