If you are a School and interested in us providing you with an after school club dance activity please contact us with your email marked FAO: After School Club Co-Ordinator.


After School Dance Clubs

Our 45-60 minute (dependent on the school) After School Dance Clubs are taught by our highly qualified, DBS checked, experienced dance teachers.

Focusing on a modern & street genre of dance, children get to build dance and performance skills. You may have a requirement of your own that you would like us to fulfil or you may think that your children would benefit from this just for fun!

Cost of the club is £5 per child, per week, payable termly directly to us. We organise all correspondence with parents and just request that you distribute this through the school.

Dance clubs are suitable for Years 2-6. If there is considerable interest in the lower and higher ends of the school we will look to split the club down into age appropriate sessions.

To gauge interest in your school, we offer free taster sessions.
Taster sessions are either a 30 minutes for all those who have expressed an interest in attending prior to us coming in, or a 10 minute taster for each class from years 2 through to 6 over a morning or an afternoon.

After School Club Arts and Sport - full time provision.

Our Clubs are different, unique and bespoke to your school. We ensure we take in to consideration the demographic of the School, the requests of Parents and Children within this and we mould the content of the club to the ability and range of the children who then attend. This means that no two clubs are the same.

Activities we can provide:
Each After School Club offers a different discipline focus each day, for example:

  • Monday - Dance - Covering a range of styles chosen by children
  • Tuesday - Drama - Script Writing / Character creation / performance skills
  • Wednesday - Sport & Fitness - General skills focussing on a different sport each half term Thursday - Music - Singing / Songwriting - glee club feel
  • Friday - Sport & Fitness - General skills focussing on a different sport each half term

A club is structured and tutor led from 3.35-5.30pm and broken down into small chunks of engaging time with breaks interspersed.

The last 30 minutes for those remaining is reflection / game / reading time - individual choice.

We offer bottled water & fruit & cheese snack for those requiring.

If you are interested in one of our Schools Clubs, please get in touch with us!