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Musical Theatre Fit (MTFit)

MTFit is our unique full body dance workout. This is the most fun you can have whilst toning up and getting fit.

Designed and created by our Creative and Artistic Director, MTFit is a combination of cardio and toning exercises spliced together in unique combinations to Musical Theatre music mash ups! The class uses these set, bespoke combinations in Warm ups, Cardio Routines and Cool Downs during each session. These three sections compliment the routine being taught that week. So for example if the routine is high cardio, the selected Warm up / Cardio and Cool Down will be slower and more toning focused and vice versa. The main focus of the 55minute class is then the musical theatre show of the week where a routine is taught to a chosen song from that Musical.

Whether you attend along or with friends, this class is a great way to shake of the week and a must for Musical Theatre fans!

The class is £5 PAYG but you must book on via our Facebook page

All levels and abilities are welcome, you simply take the class at your own pace accordingly.

Classes run several times a week in various venues.

Book your place via our Facebook page.


Our unique course combines the strength of Yoga with the flexibility of Pilates and the flow of Cardio movement.

If you have done either Pilates or Yoga before (this doesn't have to be to a high level just some experience) then this is for you.

Our beginners course will slowly build your core and whole body strength, improve your flexibility and benefit your cardio level and well being.

Please contact us to find out when our next course runs.