Pre-Primary / Primary and Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Modern


At age 6 years onwards children are able to start their examination journey in ISTD Ballet, Tap and Modern. At this level children attend for 90 minutes, spending 30 minutes in class in each discipline.

Children are entered for examinations once we feel they are ready and prepared. Entry is optional although we do believe it to be a positive experience for them. At this level children also have to take all three disciplines as we believe technical grounding in Ballet, Tap and Modern to be essential for the development of a dancer who is versatile and technically proficient and one whom can cope with the addition of further styles of Dance such as Contemporary, Lyrical, Street etc, at a later date.

Please note that Grade 1 is a transitional Grade and each student on entering the School is assessed individually, so it could be a Grade 1 student needs to attend for the higher grade time slot of two hours plus if all their disciplines are at this level or above)

(Currently classes are offered at this level on Tuesday and Wednesday)