We currently offer ISTD examinations in Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance.

The ISTD is one of the leading dance examination boards in the UK and worldwide.

Exams can be taken from the age of 6 years old.
Children do not have to take exams, entry is optional and your decision but they will follow the grade work through their classes.

We decide when a student is ready for their exam, wanting it to only ever be a positive experience for a child.

We are exceptionally proud of our 100% pass rate and have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the technical training our students receive.

We believe that solid technique in Ballet, Tap and Modern is the grounding to creating a dancer who is confident, capable and versatile, allowing for further development and exploration of other styles later on such as Contemporary, lyrical and street/commercial dance.

Examinations are also a good training experience for students in presenting themselves and growing in individual self-confidence and self-belief.

We will be offering Contemporary examinations in the future. Stay tuned for more news on this over the coming few months.