~ Testimonials

Once again, a fab show. These guys never cease to amaze me with their talent and maturity. A great family to be part of. Well done all.
— Trudy Kennedy
Wow, well done for The Dance Centre team. The show was amazing! X
— Fernanda Gray
Thank you for all your hard work. Your dedication to your pupils is obvious in the show you put together. They really are a testament to you.
— Emma Matthews
Thank you to The Dance Centre, Michelle and her fantastic team! We enjoyed the show and our daughter loved performing in it. Well done to everyone’s little people, they were a joy to watch. X
— Shanon Deal
I just had to message you to congratulate you all at TDC for a truly amazing performance. The work you have put into producing such a wonderful performance shows your commitment and dedication to the children and dance school. It was so emotional at times, my daughter Olivia had such a good time, she was beaming. Thank you for giving her this opportunity.
— Laura
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful show. We are so proud of Gabriela, she was so unsure of ballet when she started with you and is so shy about it, but she, and all the girls, performed beautifully and I sobbed. You are obviously doing a wonderful job in helping her explore techniques she is not confident in, and become more confident in herself and her talent. She loves your classes, and can’t wait to progress and be even more challenged.
— Jude
This was absolutely wonderful! What a great performance, it was obvious how hard everyone had worked! Sophie adored every minute! Thank you xx
PS It worked SO well at the Sherman
— Sarah Smith
Thanks for all the hard work putting the show together. Both my children adored the opportunity to perform on a stage in a real theatre.
— Sian