DANCE! 2017

Our brand new Dance Competition in Autumn 2017 sees the launch of our exciting and dynamic Dance Festival recognising and celebrating the genres of Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Modern and Street for ages 6-25 years.

This competition hopes to encourage those with previous competition experience or new to the competition stage, those who wish to improve and learn and are undertaking technical training in a registered and accredited Dance School.

Our Categories split down in to age ranges within each discipline and we have the option of Group, Solo and Duo entries.

Competitors are marked against technical criteria, and receive their score cards at the end of their category.

On application we send you a full information pack that contains all the criteria and what you need in order to enter your students.

Spectators are welcome to the day and we have two categories at a time running simultaneously so spectators can choose what they go and see and are welcome to move around.

We limit the number of Dance Schools that can enter on a Competition Day.